Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I cancelled my trip to the LQS yesterday because I was coughing a lot and losing my voice. I stayed home and pieced a backing for my Garden Patch quilt. I used up several "not large enough for anything" pieces. No photo because I have my quilt up on the design wall so no place to lay out the back. I tried putting it on my bed to take a photo, even stood on a ladder to get far enough away but that didn't work
I stayed in again today and spent the day cutting up all the leftover pieces from what I have been working on. I am cutting strips 1.5, 2 and 2.5 inches. I am also cutting  4.5 inch squares for my box of squares for scrap quilts. This is the size I use most often. I also cut a few smaller squares if I couldn't cut anything larger. I threw out a fairly large bag of shreds and my floor looks like I need a rake. I am getting down to 1 box of floral fabs instead of 2 and what I am not cutting up are things I have a purpose for. I am making progress but it is slow going. I am not fast, probably because I am a messy worker and as I go along things get pulled out and not put away. I have reached the point where I have to stop and make some space and get organized. Everything in my sewing room has a place and when it is all cleaned up it looks like I am well organized but right now almost nothing is in it's place. I tell myself things get so messy because my space is small but I know that if it was large I would just have a bigger mess.

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