Friday, February 26, 2010


This is the last of my QAWM quilt tops, it is 42 x 42. The photo below has the real border. I used EQ to determine the number of patches I wanted to use and the size to cut them.  I got my black fabric yesterday and finished it today while the snow kept coming down.
When I get this one quilted I will hang it above my bed.

I decided a longtime ago that black was just too difficult to sew for my old eyes. Probably immediately after deciding that I decided that I had to use black in something or other and I got hooked on black and use it allthe time. It has not gotten any easier to see but it has made me more careful when I use it because it is so hard to see to unsew.

This little 11 x 11 colorwash is what tipped me over the edge in deciding to say good bye to my trays of 2  inch squares and 1.25 inch squares. I found this and another small piece early last month during a cleaning spree. They were all layed out on flannel and covered with tissue paper and ready to sew. They were probably class samples from several years back. I sewed them together at the time I found them and I fused some printed flowers on this one,  satin stitched around the flowers, quilted it and finished it. The back ground might as well be one piece, the prints blend together so well.  I spent some time to lay it all out and agonize over the orientation of each square and then sew it together.  I know I am  never going to make anything again with all those 2 inch squares let alone the 1.25 squares. I have moved on!

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Anonymous said...

hi, it's your favorite blog commenter. I just got one of those little lights that fastens to the machine to spot light the sewing area and it is great. Especially for seeing black.
I switched to piecing black with navy blue thread so ripping out is not as much of an issue. k