Saturday, February 13, 2010

Table topper revisited

Sometimes you just have to go back and fix something. Every time I looked at this small piece I thought it looked like I ran out of fabric and just stuck those triangles in there to get it done. I thought it would like it better after a day or two. That didn't happen so I made 2 more yellow blocks and took out the triangles and it looks better to me.

I am still rearranging the blocks on the larger quilt and trying to decide if I like the setting trianglefabric it has kind of a murky look to it.

I will look at it up on the wall for another few days  before I sew it . I am going to the LQS Tuesday and I think I will wait to see if I find something I like better. I do not want to rip out 14 set in triangles. I know my objective is to use my fabric but in the process I do not want to make what I consider ugly quilts. We'll see

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Anonymous said...

I see you are published on Meloday's page.. great job. K