Friday, December 31, 2010

Last day of 2010

The sun is out and the snow is almost gone; that is pretty good for northeast Ohio. I hope this is an indication of what the new year will bring. Jack is on his way out the door right now; he is going out for a ride on his motorcycle. It's cold but he has warm riding gear and when the streets are clear he  goes.
Yesterday we had the last of this years family Christmas get togethers.  Most of the family were here for dinner. One granddaughter and 2 of the great grandchildren couldn't come. It was a  nice time even though we were a bit crowded in our apartment. I put my sewing machine away and folded up my sewing  machine table and lowered my cutting table  so the great grand  kids could use my sewing  room for drawing and  playing. They made paper airplanes and the photo below shows them in my bedroom, flying their planes and JUMPING ON MY BED until I caught them at it.

I didn't do very well with the picture taking; there  was  too much going on. I didn't get many good photos so I hope someone else got some.
My DIL thought to take this  picture with my camera just before they left.  This is a "3 generations of John's" picture (father, son and grandson, from the right) . The short person is me. That is Jack  on the end in the plaid shirt. (the one going out today on the bike).

Today I am putting my sewing room back together and restoring all of the things I had to move to make room for the 19  people I figured we might have had. I hope I can find everything. The first thing I am  going to do is get out the quilting hoop and put the BIG UFO  back in the hoop. If I don't do it right away I am afraid I won't do it. I know if I put it away again I will never get back to it. I am going to hand quilt a little bit every day until  it is done. That is my promise to myself.

I am  going to make  a list of all my UFO's and WIP's and keep better track of it all this year than I did last year.  I realize that I made a lot of quilts over the years that I have forgotten about and I don't  have any record of what I did with them. It really isn't of any great importance but I would like to have some idea  of what I have accomplished.

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