Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Yesterday I never did get back to sewing. After I cleaned up after dinner we got the Christmas ornaments out and Jack disappeared back to his computer and I spent 3 hours putting ornaments on the tree. I hang all of the plain shiny balls in toward the trunk where they reflect the lights and all the other stuff out where it shows. It may not be the most artistic tree but there are a lot of memories  there. It is kind of like a scrap bag quilt with every thing all mixed up together, expensive, cheap inexpensive, handmade, kids ornaments, really old, new and anything and everything else.
This year it was more of a challenge to get it all  on the tree. Jack left off the bottom row of branches and  two brances at the back on the bottom row so it could fit closer to the wall.

The photo at the right was taken last night with the  lights on but that doesn't really show. Maybe you can see that I do not have a tree skirt. I plan to do something about that but maybe not for this year. A sheet or a table cloth will have to do one more time. The photo on the left is from this morning and you can see the bare maple tree outside behind it. That is the tree was the reason for our move this summer. It was wonderful in the summer and fall and now that it is bare we can see the birds when they come to visit us for peanuts that we leave on the window ledge. They seem to like the Christmas tree, they stop  and look through the window. Probably because they see the tree and not us; although the blue jays are not shy. If there are no peanuts they will knock on the window and yell at us. We also have cardinals  and chickadees and of course squirrels. So far the squirrels have not been up here much although there are a lot of them around gathering acorns from all the oak trees.  
I am planning to stay in again today and sew. It is not snowing at present and our street doesn't look bad but there are school closings all over. The last forecast I saw predicted more lake effect snow. Ya gotta love that lake.

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Anonymous said...

How beautiful. I won't really be home for Christmas this year and I am enjoying watching you get ready. Do you have all your quilts out yet? Take pictures.
Stay warm and safe....I can't believe you don't have a tree skirt. The cobbler's children go shoeless...Kathy F