Sunday, July 31, 2011

Zentangle® play day

Yesterday was our second Zentangle® inspired play day. There was a small group this time but some interesting  sharing. I wanted to show a slide show of all the photos that I took but my photo program is not cooperating with me so I will only show you what was translated into fiber art.

Janet put her designs on fabric that she colored with watercolor pencils.The one on the top left is done on paper and the top right is fabric. They are all fun little pieces and show me that what  I do does not have to be a big serious piece of art. N(not that I  really make big serious pieces of art)Janet also made so very nice note cards using the same technique.

Sue experimented with a lot of different applications and she used different colors of watercolor pencils and pens for her doodles.

Little hexie bag with doodles on patches and around top

Doodles in squares on printed fabric

Enhanced printed motifs plus doodles

She also experimented with doodling on the squares on printed fabric with different motifs, and enhanced the lines of printed designs as well as adding doodles. She doodled also in the squares of leftover 9 patch and log cabin blocks .(not shown)

Below is a postcard she made by cutting out and fusing doodles to a background. She used printed fabrics and drew over them.
On the left is a collage she made by filling in the shapes on a white background with fused "doodle type" black and white fabric.

black and white collage


Stitches on the sewing  machine

Sue also used the fancy stitches on  her sewing  machine to fill in spaces of a collage.

Other  people worked on paprr drawing collages or hands. I would like to show them but blogger gets testy if I try to used too many pictures and won't let me put them where I want.

It was very interesting to see what everyone was doing and we decided  to meet again this fall to see how people have used this in their work.

I was really pleased and excited when Lori said she would be interested in quilting my bigger piece that I was  not so sure I wanted to tackle after having done some small practice pieces. I feel my skills are not up to what I had originally planned (or any of the other ideas I had). She took the whole pattern home with her, with my blessing to do with it whatever  she wants. She is a very accomplished, patient machine quilter and I am sure it will be wonderful. It is such a relief to me to be able to give it away and feel free to change directions.

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I am so sorry I missed yesterday. I guess I will hear about it on Tusday.