Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A little progress

I made a little progress  today. I realized that it is almost time to bring out the Christmas dishes and quilts and I have a new Christmas quilt that was not quite finished . I needed to finish the big stitch quilting on these two blocks; that's all that was needed .
 This quilt has been sitting since August, all done, binding and all, waiting for this little bit of hand work. You can see the whole quilt here.

Yesterday I finished up my black and white  9 patch color wash background and fused the edges of the 3 circle doodle to the background. I still need to cut away the background from behind the doodle because all the seams, especially the intersections, create a problem with the stitching. I have to go out and get some Warm and Natural batting; that is the only batting I like for wall hangings.

This will be the largest doodle  that I have quilted and it will take some  time. I don't stitch on every line but most of them will be quilting lines. Up to now every one that I have done I have considered an experiment but I have experimented with several different ways of doing things and this one is not an experiment; it is the real deal.


Fran said...

Ruth, I LOVE it!!!! You must submit that to one of the national shows!!! You are soooooo creative !!!!

JoQuilter said...

So, how did you like the "Big Stitch"? I think your hand quilting looks very nice in your blocks. It is a lot easier to use one stand of perle cotton rather than multiple stands of embroidery floss but I also understand the "I want to do it now so I use what I have on hand". I enjoy reading your blog and seeing the things that you do.