Saturday, December 17, 2011

Snow and a little more about Christmas

I guess I knew it would happen sooner or later. I noticed that it had started to snow when I stopped sewing to get my second cup of coffee and this is what it looks like now. Actually it looks a little better;  they must have salted the street because it is not snow covered as in the picture above it is only wet now. It is still coming down. I could do without snow for the rest of my life. I think I used to like it but the older I get the more I wish it wouldn't happen. Oh well......when you live in NE Ohio you get SNOW.
I have done most of my Christmas shopping, I ordered stuff from Amazon Tuesday and got part of it Thursday and the rest is on the way. I love Amazon shopping.
I didn't do any holiday baking but I have ingredients for some cookies and I did bake an apple pie for dessert when some of my family were here Thursday.
I found this little block when I was searching for something last week (it seems like I am always searching for something). I made a bunch of small things with this fabric last year and I am not sure why I didn't make something with this one. Maybe it didn't measure up or maybe I didn't  need it or maybe I was tired. Anyway, I am going to border it with that fabric that is left over from the back  of my Christmas Sampler and finish it up. What will I do with it? Who Knows?  What I really wish I could find in my searching is the Christmas tree skirt I told myself I was going to make right after the holidays last year. Oh wait let me think, ahhh there is no hope of finding that as I never thought about it again until I was looking back at this post from last year. I guess a sheet will have to do one more time. I am going to make sure I make it before next Christmas. I have someting in mind and I am going to buy myself a 9 degree wedge ruler. I am not a gadget lover and I figure out how to use the basic rulers I have for almost everything;  the wedge ruler seems like it does not fall into the basic catagory. However that is only if you think of basic as square or rectanglular. I think it must be a basic wedge ruler. If I buy the ruler I will make the tree skirt. 

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Anonymous said...

I will keep nagging you about the tree skirt. You know I will! Kathy