Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mug mats

Wednesday is my daughter in law's birthday. I finished up these mug mats to give her. She saw  some that I had given my daughter last  summer and indicated that she would  like some. At Christmas she guessed that one of the gifts was mug mats (it  wasn't); so... I finally got them done.  Last spring I gave her place mats that I made from our block  of the month demos and these match the place mats.
It is good to finish some of the things that have been hanging over my head.
sometimes it is good to be forced to stay home where I have to look at the things that I  need to finish (or start).


Надежа said...

Красивые коврики под чашечки,я тоже люблю такие ....

kathyf said...

Very lovely.