Monday, April 23, 2012

Another background audition

I thought I would get something darker like dark blue/navy batik with some hint of green and/or purple. The more I looked at the dark blue that I have in my stash and the dark, almost black, mottled green the more I leaned toward  my original choice but I wasn't convinced that was right either. I really want lighter hues lately.

I decided that a trip to the quilt shop would help. This is what I came home with.
Big surprise, I like it. the yellow brings out the yellow in the small patches and the batik in the large wedges. It creates a glow, kind of like a fiery sunset. I am going to hang it on my design wall and leave it there for a while as I turn my mind to other things. I am going to clean up my room and make my Friendship blocks for this month and start putting the sections of the T shirt quilt together. That should give me enough time to look at it and decide if it really is what I want. I haven't changed my mind about fabric choices so many times since I was zoned in on color wash.

I am sitting here looking out my window as the sky turns pink and gold and it dawned on me that I have been watching the sunsets from my window lately and I really do believe we are influenced by what we consistently see around us.

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