Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Basement Divas

We met yesterday to play with the circle theme. There were 12 of us there and as usual we had a good time and a great lunch. We have been talking for a while of setting up a blog as a means to stay in touch between meetings and when we miss meeting. Yesterday we finally all sat down in one place after lunch and talked it. We are very loosely organized, more like not organized and we are usually all  talking about different things. But Lori got us all together and we decided to go ahead and do it.We tossed around some ideas and  decided on a name, Basement Divas. We chose that because the basement part was obvious as we have always met in a basement and Divas because that was a challenge we had using Lorelei Sewing Diva fabric. We identified with those ladies. So far we have just set up the blog and only one post, mine; hopefully there will be a lot to see soon. Look for us here to see what we are up to.

I took my Rosie circle along yesterday and got some input about the background and the general  opinion was that none of my backgrounds were right. Here it is pinned up on two pieces of fabric that are the colors we all thought looked better than what I had. I can't decide but I do see that I have once again slipped into the color wash mode and  there is not enough contrast between my yellow orange and the pink. It all mooshes together.  I will probably shop tomorrow for either a dark blue or a dark green batik with a little  subtle color to bring out the yellow.

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