Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On my design wall

This is what is on my design wall right now. I made3 all of the strip sets but have not cut all the blocks yet. I wanted to see how it it going to look. I see that I have that last green block on the left side turned the wrong way. That is why I will be sewing them together in sets of four blocks, like this below. I will make 7 sets like the one below and 7 sets with 3 yellow and one orange and 6 sets with 3 orange  and one green. I find I am less likely to turn something the wrong way when I have them in 4 block sets. Making 6 or 7sets all the same makes it easy to spot something wrong as I am sewing them in pairs and then 4's. It is also easy to instruct the kids  when we are doing it this way.
This is all the sewing I am going to get  done before Easter. I am putting everything in my sewing room away including my sewing machine and table and everything  piled around. We usually go to my daughters house for holidays and birthdays etc. but she is working 3-12 hours  shifts this weekend so I said I would have dinner Sunday. I counted up the people who are coming and I am going to need my sewing room for the little ones to keep them out from under foot when they drag out all the playthings. I am going to have to be creative in finding places to stash everything for a few days. Here's hoping I can find it all again.

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