Sunday, June 3, 2012

Friendship Blocks etc

I finally got around to making the Friendship blocks that I messed up last month. I got the colors right this time. The first time I made the blocks I missed the line in the instructions that said black, purple and teal. You can see them here . I went out and bought some blue-green and purple and black fabrics  but only used 2 of them after all when I found something I like better in my stash. Of course, now I am second guessing and wondering if they are  really OK. This one on the left below, I sewed the last two rows upside down and I came close to doing it again when I made the second block.These two side by side above are the finished blocks. I made two of each. These will go in two quilts using Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Trips around the World pattern.

I am getting back into a more normal routine. My son was released from the hospital and is home and I have seen him and I am not feeling apprehensive every time the phone rings.  Ater a flurry of cleaning and baking and doing laundry I ran out of busy things and I just came to a stand still and couldn't do much but get the bed made and fix dinner and sit and worry
Today I made a door curtain for my daughter in law and took elastic out of a pair of pants. Taking wide sewn in elastic out of a waistband is a real pain. It makes me think I should go back to sewing my own clothes.
The next thing I have to do is sew a piece of jewelry on a wedding dress. I intend to do that in the morning when I can take my time.  I expect it to be no problem at all but I do not want to do it in a hurry.

Soon I will get back to quilting. Well, after I make this months Friendship blocks that are due Wednesday.

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