Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Finish

I decided to switch gears and finish up the second tree skirt. I was getting bored with sewing the triangle/diamond rows together. I am finished with the tree skirt and toward the end I was getting a little bored with quilting in the ditch on that with all the stops and starts as I quilted each blade.
This is the one I just finished.
I decided to use red for the backing on this one; I used white on the first one. I fiddled about with the placement of the red patches a little more on the second on but I don't think in the end it makes any difference at all. I am keeping the first one and gifting the second one but not sure yet who will be the recipient. Below is the first one.

I bought a jelly roll of the same fabric (Moda Blitzen) when I got the second set of 4 charm packs. I will be using that for the 2nd annual Jellyroll race with the Basement Divas in January. They were on sale for 1/2 price and Blitzen was the only one left with both Jellyroll and Charm packs. I might have used something else but who can argue with 1/2 price, especially when you really like it.
I had some thoughts that there were some things I would do different when I layered it and quilted it but in the end I did it the same as the first one with the exception of layering the top with the batting and pinning it and then layering that with the backing. After that I turned it, just as I did the first one. I had some issues with smoothing the whole thing out after I turned it to the right side the first time and this time it went easier. Once again, in the end I am not sure it made any difference.  I am happy with both of them.
I don't think I will be making more any time soon. Who knows, if everyone in my family thinks they should have one I might make more. It won't be this year and it won't be the same fabrics. It might even be a different pattern although I love this one which I got from Annie's tutorial at Freezeframe.

I think before I get back to the black and white challenge I am got to clean up a bit and then make somehouse to send to Beth at Love Laugh quilt for her 3rd Annual Neighhood Block Party. I really like to make houses.

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Annie said...

Another beauty, Ruth! I so love the prairie points around the edge. Your post doesn't sound like you enjoyed making the second one. But you've done a beautiful job! I'm honored to see your tree skirts. Hugs!