Sunday, April 14, 2013

Made fabric

I received this sewing machine carrier 2 years ago for my birthday and then for Mother's Day my daughter gave me another. The one she got me is smaller and is a better fit for my Janome Gem, which is the one I take with me most of the time. They reside under one of my cutting tables and  because this one has no machine living inside I use it to store my scrapsin Ziploc bags, sorted mostly by color; there is also a Ziploc bag of stripes. Usually, when I am going to make something with the scraps, I take them out of the bags and put them in shoe boxes by color or stripes and  arrange the shoe boxes on my cutting tables. When I am finished the scraps go back in the bags and I stack the shoe boxes and it works pretty well. It is much easier to look through one shoe box that a whole scramble of different colors and it is easier to store in bags than make room for a bunch of shoe boxes on my shelves.

Yesterday our group at church met (we had a lot of show and tell but sadly I forgot my camera). I had some things to take with me and they were kind of heavy to carry so I decided to put them all in my larger sewing machine carrier. That meant that all the Ziploc bags were out piled on my cutting table.

Well as long all the scraps were out I thought that I might as well make a few pieces of free pieced fabric. This is what I have to show for my efforts. I know there are some more but they have hidden themselves among the scramble of scraps on one of my tables.There are some small pieces among the scraps because as I looked for the next piece to use they got covered up. I am not sure if I will make these larger and cut shapes for them or if I will squares these off at 5 or 6 inches (or more (or less). I have no real plan and ideas flew in and out of my head as I worked along.These are to put in my "Parts Department" box. I am borrowing that term from Gwen Marston and Freddie Moran.

I think I will randomly select some scraps from each of my Ziplocs and put them all together and work from that and put the rest of them away again and leave them there until I use up the selected bunch.

Does that sound like a plan? 
I think so but we'll see.

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