Tuesday, November 19, 2013


The giraffe quilt is almost finished. I could consider it finished but I plan to add a few (very few) embellishments. I consulted with the embellishment maven when the Basement Divas met on Saturday and she gave me  some advice; now I have to do some shopping for embellishments.

I went ahead and finished the binding and the hanging sleeves and buried all the thread tales. I didn't want to end up setting this aside again due to all the odds and end of finishing.  Below are a few close up shots of the quilting.

After I had several rows of echo quilting I didn't like the way it was starting to look and I brought it with me to Friendship group last Tuesday. Laura suggested I use the chevron or zig zag pattern from one of the borders and I tried  it and I liked it. I had to take out some of the echo stitching but I was happy to do that as I didn't like it. On the last border I  used the blind hem stitch sewed in pairs from 2 directions and then the # 4 Bernina stitch between. It doesn't show up a lot but that's fine with me. It flattens out the border and gives a little texture.
It is 34 x 37 inches and hangs nice and flat. All in all I am pleased with it and happy to finally have it finished (almost). It has been hanging there in the back of my mind for a long time.

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tubakk said...

This is so beautiful. I just love it!