Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas tree

After dinner today I decorated the Christmas tree. Jack got it out yesterday and set it up. It took me 4 hours to hang all the ornaments and I am feeling my age plus about 5 more years. Last year we bought a smaller prelit tree;  I think it has more branch tips so it still holds everything.

I took all these shots with the room lights off and no flash.  That is the tree skirt I made last year using Annie's (Freezeframe) tutorial. The tree looks encrusted with ornaments but they all have  sentimental value for me.
Jack thought maybe I could leave some off this year but it would be hard to decide what to leave off. Now that we have a pre lit tree he helps by unpacking the things in boxes and wrappings. and then he packed up all the boxes and tissue paper etc. and put it away.
Many of the shiny round balls are from my family tree before I was married (those are very old) or sets that Jack and I bought at different times, all of which I can remember why and where.

That Santa below was made by a quilting friend and I remember the day she stopped by at work to give it to me. The scrub nurse ornament in the right was made by a co worker the first Christmas I worked in surgery. She had my name in our ornament exchange. These two always have a prominent place on the tree. We exchanged handmade ornaments for several years but finally quilt when all the non crafty/artistic people started to complain.

The  Reindeer made from clothespins and felt was made by my oldest grandson when he was pretty young. My friend  showed me how to make them and when my grand kids came over we all made them. I only have 3 that Ian made I think the others took theirs home. In the photo on the right are candy cane ornaments made from tribeads strung on bendable stiff  wire. I have about 2 dozen of these. All the grand kids made them and anyone else who happen to be around always wanted to make a few. We made these for many years. I have so many handmade ornaments from family and friends that you would think it would be hard to remember who they came from. So far I can remember who gave them to me and maybe not the year but I remember the occasion. I will probably keep putting them all on the tree as long as I can remember because they bring back such nice memories.
For years when we had a real tree we put the tree up on my birthday, December 20, but now with an artificial tree it can be put up early and enjoyed for a long time. I know that when I get up tomorrow Jack will be sitting in the living room with the tree lit having his coffee. When it is time to take it down he will call me scrooge and want to leave it up "just another day".


Glinda ♥ said...

Lovely story. And though it took you 5 hours, it was definitely worth it! Shame we can't have Christmas trees up all year around ... well, maybe just the winter months?

Sharon - IN said...

Lovely tree and skirt!