Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year etc.

I may be a day late with my wishes for a happy new year but the year is  going to be around for a while so I am wishing good things for everyone throughout the year.

When I looked back over the quilting finishes for the year 2013 I was surprised that I had not finished very much and I was frustrated that it was hard to find photos of my finishes. I am not making resolutions but I have set some goals.
1. I am organizing my photos in a better way and keeping track of the finishes.
2. I am going to make quilts with the blocks I have waiting. That means  I am going to spend less time organizing and sorting and more time sewing.
3.I am going to make a real effort to  finish the hand quilting on my big UFO.
I think 3 goals is enough for now.
I am starting with this.
I have about 45 blocks, some that I made and many from the Friendship group. There are also cut squares and little white and dark 4 patches for several more blocks. I got them out yesterday and I will finish enough blocks to fill in a rectangle layout. Right now they are on a design board and a table top. I am going to have to take the Anvil blocks down from the design wall so I can lay this out and  really see how I want to put this together.
I expect to be snowbound for at least another day and we forgot to stop at the bank for quarters for the washers before the big snow hit us hence no laundry will be done here for a few days. I know I won't be taking my Bernina to the sewing machine doctor for awhile but I will have no excuse for not doing some piecing and getting a top or 2 put together. 
This is the big UFO that has been hanging around for years. I am going to put it in my Q Snap frame and keep it handy to work on the hand quilting. It would be nice to finish it this year.  

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kathyf said...

remember I have a couple more anvil blocks for you..