Tuesday, May 11, 2021


Alphabet quilt is finished 

The quilting went well as I quilted  in the ditch along the sashing but after that,  not so much. Every block had to be free motion quilted differently. I had to change thread colors several times and determine where to start and stop stitching in order to minimize the number of thread tails to bury. My fingers have been especially troublesome during this quilting process so there were some days I just skipped working on the quilt. Who would ever think that picking up thread to thread a needle would be painful?  When your thumb and index finger don't meet properly, your pinch is inadequate and that makes you press them together harder and that causes pain in the joint. Free motion quilting is also a  joint stressor. As I went along, I was not pleased with the quilting but after the center of the quilt was finished and the border quilted and the binding finished, I like it.... a lot.

My daughter stopped for a visit last Friday and took the quilt with her to give to the new parents.  It was after she left that I realized that I had no photo of the finished quilt.  I texted her to take photos  of the front and back but I have only one of the front.  That's OK the back doesn't look different than the flimsy except for the binding.


Annie said...

Even through all your struggles, the quilt looks fantastic. I love the bright primary colors. All the blocks are so cute and look wonderfully quilted. I’m a thread burying type also and try to find a way to to quilt without leaving any more threads than necessary. I like reading that you are doing your best to power through your pain and struggles to continue to do what you love doing.

Connie said...

It turned out marvelous. So bright and cheery . . . your hard work paid off in a lovely treasure :)

R's Rue said...