Thursday, July 1, 2010

Busy Day

Today was a busy day at Quilt Camp. I never got a chance to take my camera out of the case.We were all busy working all the time.  We got all but 3 quilts layered and stitched around the 4 sides and turned and pinned. They are ready to tie tomorrow. One more needs to be pinned and tied and the other 2 are ready to be turned. So our goal is in site and we should accomplish everything we need to accomplish tomorrow. We will have parents coming in the afternoon to see what we have done this week.

I live in an apartment so I have no garden of my own. I enjoy all the photos of everyones garden and we visit the arboretum often. My daughter in law has a nice flower garden. On Fathers Day we were there for dinner and she cut a bunch of Martha Stewart "Snow White" hydrangeas for me; these first photos are from the day I brought them home.

This is what they look like today, 11 days later. they are a little worse for wear but still look too good to throw out.  Today after dinner I noticed that the late day sun coming in the window cast a rainbow acroos the room as it shined through the water line in the vase. You can see it on the front door and on the ktchen walls on both sides of the doorway. What you can't see here is it also made a rainbow on the front of the refrigerator and on the dining room wall. It is a welcome embellisment to my all white walls and it is much more impressive in real life.

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