Friday, July 30, 2010

Diva Challenge

Our Saturday basement study  quilt group met last Saturday for the Diva Challenge reveal. Not everyone finished and one person was missing and one person just couldn't get started. All of that is OK, life happens, motivation/interest doesn't come, inspiration takes us in another direction. We get together because we like to experiment and we like each other and we have fun. We started playing with all the different elements in the "Beyond the Block" book by Linda K. Johnson and Jane K. Wells and then we started playing with the parts department elements from "Collaborative Quilting" by Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston. When someone found the Sewing Diva panels the challenge was born.

 These are the rules
1) Use at least 3 motifs from the focus fabric
2) Add not more than 20 additional fabrics
3) It has to be finished and quilted by the next, Amish Retreat January 29 2010 or the next basement meeting following that.
4) At least 4 techniques from the book.
5) At least one embellishment
6) There is no size or shape requirement.
7) Keep it a secret until the reveal.

Kathy said she can see everyone sewing and hiding at the retreat. It should be noted that Jan and Ruth do not like the 10 extra fabric limitation (you can see above that the limit had already increast to 20) and Syd does not like the embellishment requirement.
Kathy said any correctionsor comments would be considered. 

This first quilt  of Judy's is really only the motifs and elements so far. That is Judy standing on the right and Jan sitting down helping to hold the quilt and admiring Judy's work. It looks like Judy is using a lot of different elements and her quilt will probably be "over the top" which is par for the course for her. Jan didn't finish hers and didn't bring what she had;  we will have to see it another day.

The next quilt belongs to Kathy who is hiding behind it. Kathy keeps us informed about what is going on and sends us reminders before the meetings and newsy emails afterward. She is the one who wrote down the rules when we made them up and sent them to everyone so we all knew which ones to break what to do. She has dentil moulding and chevron elements in her quilt, which is finished and quilted.

Lori's finished quilt is below, she used squares on point and checkerboard and sawtooth borderes. She liked the same blond with the tomato hat and the sunbather that Kathy did.  All her Divas had really sparkly jewelry embellishments.

 Fran's quilt top below , like Lori's has checkerboard and squares on point frames and she framed it out with a narrow yellow border with some elements sticking out she likes the same blond and sunbather as Kathy and Lori

Lynn's quilt top uses Liberated stars along with her Diva motifs. Like Lori she also used a Diva from a different  panel, and there is that same blond again. I'm not sure if she used the sunbather as I didn't get a picture of the whole quilt. Some of her Divas are enbellished with sparkly paint.

The last quilt is my finished quilt. It is a self protrait (or maybe my complete opposite).
I use the required  3 motifs but only one Diva.

I wish my photography was better so you could see some of the details.

We all broke some of the rules and none of us finished by January 29, 2010.  Oh wellllllllll.............

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Anonymous said...

Awesome Ruth!
I love your blog and your creative way of telling the story.
Great pictures too!