Thursday, July 8, 2010

A visit with the GGK's

I have been having a busy week. Tuesday two of our great-grand kids (they will be 7 and 8 years old in the fall) came to spend the day with us. We went to lunch at Wendy's where they both got the kids meal with big glasses and a big nose. Grace's nose was crooked and one of the side pieces kept coming off so she threw it away but Ethan had fun with his, here he is with them upside down. After lunch we went to the arboretum and saw about 100 frogs, big ones and tiny ones and a few tadpoles.

They came again Yesterday and stayed over night. we thought we could take them to play miniature golf but the weather was just too hot for us to be out that long in the sun. After all, we are in the age group they have been telling to stay indoors during the heat wave. We went to Chuck E. Cheese instead where they were content to run around spending their tokens and we stayed cool. We had pizza for lunch which was surprisingly pretty good.and then used more tokens. When it was time to leave they took a long time to decide how to spend all their bonus tickets but eventually picked out a bunch of junk  some things they liked.  One of our grandsons (their Dad's cousin) comes to dinner every Wednesday. We were all delighted to see him, they swarmed all over him and I finished up dinner.  I keep only one leaf in the table and we can only fit two on a side. Of course they both had to sit next to him so he had to sit at the end of table so we could work that out. He likes the kids and I think he had fun too. After dinner we went to the library and picked out some books and a movie (the movie wouldn't play). The books kept them busy and quiet in the morning till I woke up. Their dad was picking them up at 2:30 so we didn't go anywhere today. We stayed home and they painted and made quilted potholders for their grandmother for her birthday. I set up my Janome Jem so they could both work at the same time and they picked out all of the strips and sewed them onto the batting. They used the decorative stitches on my Bernina to quilt them and I trimmed them and did the escape hatch finish. they wrote on the back with a Pigma pen and we were DONE. Phew!!!

Here they are with the potholders. Ethan was losing patience with having to have his  picture taken and Gracie is getting into posing with that great big smile. It is a vast improvement over having to sneak up on them to take their pictures.

The visit was fun. I love to see them and spend time with them but they sure do keep us busy. I lost my patience a few times and yelled at them for fighting and they informed me they were not fighting they were PLAYING!  As always, I am looking forward to next time.


Anonymous said...

Lucky kids to have "Camp Gigi"

Anonymous said...

You are cool great grandparents! What fun!
Our grandkids are fascinated with George's mustache, we all got those glasses and put them on one took a minute to realize George wasn't wearing them.