Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jellyroll quilt

This is not a mistake!  I am piecing a panel for the back of my Jellyroll quilt in order to make it wide enough. I made 4 -12 inch blocks and after I put them together with the setting triangles I realized it was longer than the quilt. I had 2 of the side setting  triangles left from cutting 2 large squares into quarters and I cut them to use on the end corners. I  knew was going to cut through the last blocks on either end and add a plain strip in order to have it look like it fit right I planned it that way.  These triangles would not have been large enough to sew on along the bias edges if I had not intended  to cut the ends off the blocks. Here it is on the right with the block trimmed and a straight piece

I am ready to split the backing and add the panel and  then I can layer up the quilt and start quilting. It looks rippled here and I am hope that will  all quilt out.

I found this  yellow and white fabric yesterday at Joann's for the back. I went to get needles and batting and decided to have a look at the yellow  fabrics. This has a nice weight and a nice hand to it and at 40% off it is a winner. I like the way the blocks blend into it. I bought the Central Park prints (orange print and the yellow with purple and orange) last week at the quilt shop but there was only about 3/4 yard left on the bolt of each of them. I had no plans for it but I was ready to buy something bright and cheerful
Sometime things work out just right. I hope those ripples do.

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