Monday, January 23, 2012


Today I was putting things away and tidying up my sewing room because tomorrow someone is coming to change our phone service and I am not sure what we will have to move out of the way. I figure the more order there is to begin with the less problems. During my decluttering I made a pile of things I was going to finish to get them out of the way. Once upon a time I was part of an  online block swap group and one of the things we swapped were 25 patch charm blocks made with 2 1/2 inch squares. I just sewed mine all together as they were, without sashing or alternate blocks etc. I was going to layer it up and quilt it and use it for a car quilt. Just something to have in the car to use for whatever. I decided not to do that after all and put in the stack of things to give away, perhaps as a prize to another unsuspecting winner of a race or something.

This is what it looks like now.
One of the other things I was moving around was a little neck pillow I made when I took our old bed pillows apart and washed the covers and the stuffing and made some throw pillows. Earlier today I was piecing some strips to make a cover for my neck pillow and I didn't like the way it was going and shoved it all in a bag.

That quilt top caught my eye and I cut a piece out of it and layered it up with some no so hot fabric. I had a pretty big piece of it and had kept it because it was big. I layered it up with a smallish piece of leftover batting and quilted it with those curvy lines and here is my little pillow now.  I actually like it.
 So I used used 4 things that were just cluttering my sewing room, the quilt top, the backing, the batting and the pillow and.......
 I learned something. When I quilted my Jellyroll Race quilt I should have stitched my curvy lines between the horizontal seams instead of on top of them(no, I am not ripping out those horizontal stitching lines). This has been time well spent. I have some plans for cuttng up and using the rest of that quilt top and that no so hot fabric, more to follow.  

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kathyf said...

Job well done.
By the way Lynn took that "Mud pie
she won and used it in another strip quilt. She thought it was not pretty and pretty would not be the word but it wasn't that bad.