Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Back to normal

I have been feeling "back to normal" for over a week and I am counting my blessings. We even got back to the Y for some exercise. I am doing with out my high test coffee and making do with Decaf and it is not so bad. It is much better than herbal tea; I like herbal tea but not for breakfast. The low sodium diet is tolerable and I am experimenting with spices.

I did get something done last week after I got my new printer I was able to work on one of the little zentangle inspired quilts I was making. I wanted to make a turtle and I needed to trace around an oval for the shell and I didn't have anything here I could use . I went to My EQ7 program and drew turtle block on the applique block worktable . I drew the ovals first and centered them and then realized I might just as well add the head and legs.There were many steps along the way where I was tweaking the size and shape and fitting the patches around the shell. The picture on the left shows what it looked like as I was working  on the drawing.
The picture below is the block after I set the block on the EQ quilt worktable and removed the outlines around the patches . When I was satisfied with the drawing and the colors this is the way I printed it on EQ Printable Fabric . 

This last picture is the final quilt with all the final details draw in with a black Pigma pen and all of the lines quilted. It is small, a bit less than the size of a sheet of printer paper. I had to trim it down because in the end I decided not to add something I had planned for the left side. I thought it needed to stand alone.

About 7 1/2  x 10 inches.


Heidi @ Buttons and Butterflies said...

Beautiful Ruth!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Anonymous said...

Cool, Ruth!
Enjoyed your talk last night at the guild meeting. Glad we got to see it before you posted it.

kathyf said...

It was so much fun, having you speak last night and getting to hold your works of art for a close look.
Thanks, Kathy