Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A few blocks

Monday I layered up the sections for the T shirt quilt and I was going to layer up the Spiral Log cabin quilt but I have to piece the backing. I thought that since I had to piece the backing I would make it more interesting by putting a row of blocks between the 2 sections. So, I got out my strips and started to make 8 blocks, I ended up with 9 just in case I don't like one of them. Maybe I will but the extra block in the border backing. I am going to add the border after the body of the quilt and the borders are quilted. That will make it all more manageable for me.

This is as far as I got today (Tuesday) but there is always tomorrow or the  next day. Jack came home from his motorcycle ride and said that there were tree blooming everywhere since yesterday and we should go back to Holden today. It is amazing what happened since Sunday. I took lots more photos of flowers but these two photos are of a really interesting tree in the Conifer Collection. I got Jack to stop today so I could take some pictures. I don't know what it is because i couldn't find the little sing with the name. It is 6 or 7 feet tall and looks like a fountain or waterfall and the branches on the ground remind me of the water bubbling up at the base of a waterfall. There are 3 of these weeping conifers on the drive near the exit to the arboretum and I love to look at them. I love all the interesting shapes of the trees before the leaves come out too. There are a lot of magnificent weeping trees at Holden and I took a lot of photos today of the bare trees but I won't post them because they are probably not that interesting to most people.
For anyone who is interested in Holden Arboretum click here.

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