Saturday, March 3, 2012

Not much going on

Not too much going on here. I have done a little sewing on and off this week but today is the first day I have felt "back to normal". I would sew a little and rest a little and maybe take a nap. I have been really sleepy this week.

I am going to put this one on hold for a while and maybe only make a table topper or wall hanging. I can't seem to get organized to work in any kind of efficient way to do this one. Because every strip might be a different width I have been making the strips I add as I go along and that is slow and messy, for me anyway. I usually find the best way for me to work efficiently after I have make a few  blocks but I think all the stops and starts has kept me from doing that. This is as far as I got all week and that partial block was squared up crooked after the 2 1/2 inch strips and it bothers me enough that I am putting it aside for now. I have some other things  I need to get done first.

One thing I didn't need this week was for both of my printers to quit working.
I had an old black and white laser printer that was a real workhorse but lately I had paper jams every other sheet that printed if I was printing something that had more than one page. Wednesday morning it just quilt working. Wednesday morning my all in one color printer jammed and the ink cartridges just clunkety clunk in place and won't move. Jack spent 2 1/2 days researching printers and we got a new wireless all in one color printer. Jack spent 3 hours getting the wireless connection but all is well now and I am happy to get rid of some of the wires and to free up some shelf space over my desk where I had the second printer.

I need to clean up my space again before I do anything because I shoved everything from my desk on my cutting table. There was a lot of stuff on my desk from trying to troubleshoot my printers and researching low sodium cooking and some of my quilting stuff I am working on. I am not neat and orderly.

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