Friday, March 23, 2012

Quilt back flimsy

 Is a pieced back that is ready to  be layered up a flimsy? Well anyway, I finished the rest of the spiral log cabin blocks for the back and put it together.
The color here is not quite right; the yellow is not so bright. I wanted to take a  pic and get it out of the way quickly before Jack came back in the room to watch the news. I had to move his chair a little to lay this out.
 I thought this would be quick to put together but I had a lot of interruptions when I was making those blocks. I got started in the wrong direction on that green one and it spirals in the opposite direction  from the others. Because it was different I kept sewing logs to the  wrong edge as I was chain sewing and then I had to rip them out.  I knew it would spiral different from the others but I really don't care that it is different. It probably wouldn't even be noticeable if they were not all oriented so the light strips on the one edge of the blocks wouldn't be against the yellow. Tomorrow I will layer it up and I will rearrange my tables for quilting.
The next photo is one  I took today during one of my sewing interruption's. We took a drive through the Cleveland Metroparks to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park to see the Blue Herons. There are 5 trees and over 100 nests total. The herons were busy building their nests; some of them were just starting a new nest with only a few sticks. Lots of comings and goings as one of the pair would bring a stick to its mate and she(I am guessing it was a she) would take it and arrange it with the other sticks. We watched for about 30-40 minutes and then stopped on the way home for an early supper and I came home and finished my quilt back. 

On the way there we had to take a detour for some road work which took us past the Polka Dot Pincushion quilt shop. We stopped for a quick look and a small purchase before we went on to see the herons. All in all it was a very good day.

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