Monday, March 19, 2012


Dwarf Iris March 11

I know spring does not arrive officially till tomorrow but the flowers around here have a head start. Yesterday after church we went to the Holden arboretum and the Daffodils and Forsythias  were blooming everywhere.

Last week we stopped and were surprised to see the little Dwarf Iris about 5-6 inches tall near the parking lot.
This next photo is the same spot yesterday with the miniature Daffodils and the little white flowers. you can see the remains of the dwarf Iris.

March 18 miniature Daffodils and remains of Dwarf Iris

The photo below is the pond where we go 2 or 3  times a week after dinner all summer. It is a riot of color and something new every time we go. I like  to take photos that show the progression through the year.
March 18 Pond at the Butterfly Garden

Lenten rose

In another area we came across a large planing of Lenten roses which are about 12 or so inches tall. the flower heads hang down so you don't see their faces unless you bend down to  the ground. I held my camera at just below knee level to shoot this pic.  A little beyond the Lenten Roses there was  a huge planting of Forsythia and of course the Daffodils  were everywhere and of every variety. 
There was no sewing here yesterday.

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Julimond said...

Here in Germany, we are awaiting Spring too. A little bit sunshine today but 10°C cold. brrrr....
I have never seen dwarf Iris, i know only the normal hight.
Thanks for sharing this lovely photos.
Greetings from Germany