Saturday, July 28, 2012

All cleaned up

I've spent the better part of the last 6 days going through all the boxes in my sewing room closet and the drawers in  the little chest next to my sewing machine.

It all started when I moved 2 little stacking sets of drawers to the bathroom from my sewing room. I needed to clean up the clutter in the one and only drawer in the vanity. I got along without these in my sewing room before I bought them and everything I had in them I had kept in another place before I got them. I wouldn't miss them. Oh really?????

One thing lead to another and before I knew it my room was total chaos. I thought I would go though things at a leisurely pace and put each thing back after I put it in order and I would maintain control over things.
Well, that didn't happen! Why did I think this time would be any different?  This is what I have done ever since  I was a kid and my mother made me clean up my room. I get started and then there are things in the wrong drawers or boxes and I have to get out the right box and that leads to another box to put something else away and so it goes.

Eventually, there was no place to sit and almost nowhere to walk. Of course all that dragging things out and the resulting disorder wore me out and I would have to go and rest. I even took some naps. This morning I could stand it no longer I made up my mind to keep at it until I had ORDER.

That was then

This is now
I can sit down on any one of 3 chairs, I have a neat stack of things that I can get to and finish, my closet shelves have neat and orderly boxes that only have in them what they are supposed to have, I have one box that holds interfacing instead of bits and pieces in several  places, the same for stabilizers, and fusible web. I have a stack of things that I will never, ever use again (some of them I never used even once) and a box of books that I won't look at again; they are going, going, soon to be gone. There are 4 bags of rubbish waiting to be taken down to the trash room. I have one overflowing box of scraps to be sorted and made ready to use. They were in several small containers here and there because ???  I'm not sure why they were all over the place.
This is a good beginning.

I found so much stuff that made no sense to hold on to and as I began to start putting things away I got more and more ruthless about hanging on to something I might use in some weird circumstance. ( Let me tell you it is hard to be ruthless when your name is Ruth). I am going to go through my desk and my bookcase  and purge old papers and junk. I have a row of magazine holders on the bottom shelf of my bookcase that has so much stuff that I don't remember anyway when I need it and whole shelf of notebooks that was once an orderly way to keep things but has mostly become a useless redundant mess. I am going to go slowly this time, really, and get it all done.
But first.................
I am going to sew!


kathyf said...

Hooray for your Herculian task. It looks just great. Of course, chances are, you will still be looking for something and hear yourself say the dreaded words "I just saw that".
See you soon,

Lori said...

Great job! I feel tired just reading about all of the work you did!