Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Pillowcase and a Birthday

Today was a quiet day (compared to yesterday) After church I took a nap and then we went out for a ride and got something to eat. When we came home I made a pillowcase to go with the T Shirt quilt. It can either be used for a pillowcase or to store the quilt, whatever.

Not very exciting but I used up the 3/4 yard I had left after I cut the bias binding. No accent strip on this one. the quilt is going to Missouri on Friday so I only get to share it here. No show and tell for the quilt at our church group or the Basement group or my guild. Oh well.........
Now yesterday was not quiet!! Yesterday was great grandson David's 7th birthday. It is always a fun time. All 5 of the great grand kids are usually there and the weather has always been hot; only one year, did it rain. Yesterday was especially hot but there are huge trees in their backyard so there was plenty of shade and a nice breeze. The kids had a great time playing in a small pool, riding around on the various battery powers ATVs, and during the annual water balloon mayhem; there were 1000 balloons filler with water.
 Everyone got water balloon fight, including me (that is why there are no pictures of the balloon throwing). I am a terrible shot and only hit what I was very close to but I didn't even have to get out of my chair. My daughter had grabbed a bucket of balloons and set it behind my chair so all I had to do was reach back. No one really threw any at Jack and I because the parents warned them not to hit Gigi because of my stitches and black eye and Jack was sitting next to me.  After the presents were opened there were plenty of water guns and other fun things for the kids to play with. David didn't seem reluctant to share his new stuff so everyone was happy. No one minded getting wet yesterday because it felt good to cool off a little. I told the kids they could spray me with the water guns and spray bottles.

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kathyf said...

Black eye and stitches!. Oh Ruth. Heal quickly..