Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Quilt Camp finish

Today one of the girls from Quilt Camp brought her quilt to  finish the binding at the monthly meeting of our church quilt group. She had quilting long arm done at a local quilt shop. One of the other members helped her to cut and piece the binding but she had to leave early so I helped her finish.   She did a very nice job on the binding.
 I gave her some options about how she could finish and I think she made a good choice. She paled at the thought of finishing the back by hand and decided that she would do it all on the machine. She stitched it first to the back then turned it to the front. She opted for the running zigzag or serpentine stitch to finish on the front as it is more forgiving than trying to do a straight line right along the edge.She did a really good job of mitering the corners.

It looks good front and back.

Ther is one more girl who needs to finish her binding. She was not able to come today but we will be sure she gets it finished. 

Jack and I went out to the arboretum yesterday and had a walk around the pond and garden. It is plain to see that the garden is suffering from the lack of rain. the blossoms are smaller and a little sparse but there were plenty of things to see.

 One of my favorites a large bed of mop head white hydrangeas was looking good but the heads a much smaller this year; last year they were enormous. The cone flowers were doing better than a lot of the other plants and there were many varieties. I only saw one of the "Sunrise" (pale yellow) and one of the "Sunset" (deep red orange) varieties. There were a lot of the purple, a couple of them much brighter than the rest.  There is a new walkway very close to the building with some new planting and a few bright red cone flowers. One vraiety of cone flower is named "Razzmatazz". Can you guess which one it its?

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kathyf said...

How wonderful that the kids are coming back to finish. I think I see a couple of quilts hanging as well. A really great group of kids and quilters.