Thursday, July 5, 2012

T Shirt Quilt Finished

Finally! I put this quilt aside in February never thinking I wouldn't get back to it in a few days. It is good to be finished and it will soon be on it's way to my grandson. My son and daughter in law will be going to see him in 10 days and they are taking it with them. He picked out the T shirts he wanted in the quilt two years ago,  I hope he is still interested in having it.

It was hard getting a shot of the whole thing. I can't put it up on my design wall because it is blocked off with my tables and sewing machine set up for machine quilting. Maybe if I stood on a ladder I could have gotten a better shot but after my mishap on Tuesday I am not courting trouble by standing on a ladder.

The second photo shows the top edge of the quilt. My intention was for the top border sections of the 4 columns to alternate narrow, wide, narrow, wide but that got messed up when mixed up the 2 center sections I sewed the 3rd section to the first (left) section.  The distribution of light and dark shirts got messed up a little as well.  However I still  think I made the right decision to leave it where it is and just move the sashing.

I gave away my Rail Fence sample quilt from Quilt Camp. It will look much better as a throw at my granddaughter's than it did here. I am going to finish the Dresden Plate pillow and give it to her too. I think before I tackle any more UFO's I will make 6 placemats for my other granddaughter. She asked for them last year and I never found any more of the fabric that she wanted. I finally found a good substitute so I should get it done.

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kathyf said...

Great job. Those t shrt quilts are a bigger task than anyone could guess.
Take care and stay out of this heat.