Tuesday, February 22, 2011


One of my 4 year old great grandsons likes to help his grandmother cook and he told his mother he wanted a man-dress (apron).  Don't you just love it when little kids don't know what to call something so they figure out how to let you know what they want. Yesterday when we were out shopping my daughter was  going to buy an apron for Ben. I knew I could do better than the one she picked up for $13.

I found some bright blue fabric in my stash and then I found some fabric that I had left from making a summer dress for myself, probably 25 years ago. It had bright colored giraffes all over it.  My granddaughter (Ben's mother) asked me to make her one just like it for her 5th birthday. I had some pretty good sized pieces left and I can't believe I still have it after all those years. I made it reversible and fused a giraffe on the blue side and zigzaged around it. It would have been free but it cost $1.50 because I bought D rings to make the neck strap adjustable so it would be more "manly" than  tied in a bow at the neck. 
 I remember that when I made the dresses I thought about how I could fuse the giraffes from the leftover fabric onto something. That was before paperbacked fusible web. I used WonderUunder to fuse fabrics together but it didn't have paper backing and I never got around to figuring out how I would fuse the giraffes.

In case you wonder, I really did wear the dress......... with a red belt and red shoes and red wood beads. If I still had it I would wear it again today. And you know what? I am going to fuse some of those giraffes on to something and make something for me and my granddaughter.

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You make me smile.. Kathy F