Sunday, July 29, 2012


Since I got my space cleaned up and have some room to work I decided to finish up the curtains I was remaking. Here they are folded and laying over my work table and you can see the valance in the back hanging on a hanger on the closet door. I made them for a room at my daughters house when my granddaughter and her son were staying there. They now live across the street from me and the curtains needed to be fixed.
The other room had a short window across the width of the wall and now there is a longer window about 35 inches wide. There were 2 wide panels that were about  6-7 inches too short in the new room. I made two longer panels from one of the two wide panels and with what was left after taking some of the fabric from the other panel to make them longer, I used the bottom with the contrasting hem for a valance. I had given my daughter a bunch of quilts 2 years ago and she hung this giraffe quilt in that room. With an accent rug with zebras and other jungle animals, it was a cute room.

So... one more thing out of the way. I plan on cutting the leftover curtain fabric into 5 inch squares to add to my box of cut squares. I am going to iron 3 yards of Kona Bone that is taking up space in my freezer and use it to finish up one more project.

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