Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Cat Quilts

 I have been cleaning and sorting and purging and making a ever enlarging mess.  I do have a plan in mind but until I can move some of my sorted things along, I am not making a lot of progress. 

Sometimes you just have to sew, even in the middle of the chaos.  I have a lot of cat fabric and as I have mentioned before A LOT of scraps. My new neighbor has 2 young cats who have no quilts.  I can fix that. The cat who received the quilt I made last month was pleased with his quilt so I am encouraged to make more. Cat quilts are fun to make and I have a number of cats in mind to be the recipients. I have plenty of raw material for making quilts and they will hopefully use up a respectable amount of fabric and batting. I will also be able to keep on sorting and purging and when I need a break I can make cat quilts. 

This is front and back of a previously made quilt. It is about 24 inches square. I had used odd shaped scraps of assorted cat fabric and a lot of short strips. I quilted in the ditch around the strips.

Below, is the quilt I just made. It is also about 24 inches square and it was a panel so it just needed a border. I quilted around the squares and around the individual cats. I am using only what I have so although I would have liked to use a print on the back to hide my quilting stop and start knots, I used a plain allover print. That's what is nice about cats they won't care.

I am working on another child's alphabet quilt from a different panel than the last one. More about that another time. I do need to get it finished quickly so I have organized the current mess in my sewing room in a way that will give me space to work and space to sort.

My plan is to work my way through each bag or box at a time and put away or dispose of everything in each one before I drag out another box or bag. No more opening another one because there are things in different places that go together.

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Annie said...

Ruthie, what a fun idea to make cat quilts for all the cats you know. I love that first scrappy one with a variety of cats featured in every block. The cat panel quilt is adorable too. That variety of cats is whimsically fun. I’m glad you are playing in between sorting and purging. I’m kind of behind in keeping up with blogs (I’ve been playing too much lately with my papercrafts) but I’m so glad I didn’t miss this cute post of yours.