Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Fussy Cut or Not?

I have bee busy going through my scraps and left overs and cutting for 3 different blocks.  Every so often I have to just sew something.  The Framed 9 patch blocks are the easiest to "just sew" because  fabric choices have already been decided, I don't have to put them up on the design wall and play with them, they go together pretty fast even when I am only doing one at a time. Once I get the cutting finished I will not be working on one at a time but when I need to sew and see something finished "one or two at a time" works.

I found some sizable left overs from these 2 fabrics and decided first to fussy cut the green.

 I wanted the roses to show up more but after I sewed the block I didn't like it so much. I didn't fussy cut the pieces  for the one on the right and I like it better.

I had 4 fabric sections of the blue cut 3 stripes wide in lengths that must have been for borders. I don't remember what I cut it for or why I didn't use them.  I had enough to cut up any way I  might need. The stripes were not quite 2 inches wide so I cut about an eighth of an inch into the opposite shade stripe.
This time I was happy with the results.

I believe  the reason the fussy cutting worked better for the blue is the scale of the pattern in relation to the  size of the block. The block will be 7 1/2 inches in the quilt and the roses fill a 1 1/2 inch patch I think the fussy cut green looks kind of clunky.

I will probably use them all because I think overall when everything is put together in the overall look it will be the solid fabrics that draws the viewers eye.

We'll see!